Iceland Blog: Day 1

Day one in Iceland. Well, actually, this wasn’t the proper day one. Our first day I don’t have any proper photos of. There was a strike on at the Reykjavik airport which delayed our flight by hours and hours, so we got in late, went straight to The Blue Lagoon (kind of a must do, but it IS really pricey. You can find cheaper thermal pools around Iceland if you are strapped for cash). While we were at The Blue Lagoon Iceland beat England in the EuroCup Semi final or something, and the city was going off (in it’s nice, quiet and polite way) when we got in. We were DEAD, so crashed out pretty quickly. So, excusing that long intro, here are some shots from the first day in Iceland.


Mark and I trying to take selfies in the bay area. We had two days in the city. The first day we walked the whole main Old Town area. We had breakfast at a really nice little cafe (far too dark to take photos in, sadly, but it’s in the Lonely Planet Guide). Reykjavik is a really easy town to walk around. You can find all the main attractions close to the old town area, and there is loads and loads of shopping to do.




We did a walking tour around Reykjavik on our second day, highly recommended. We went with City Walk and our tour guide was lovely He sold some of his mother’s knitting at the end, which was a lovely little bonus, but the walk itself was informative, interesting and easy to do.



Some blurry lanes here and there!



I was completely obsessed with the colours they paint their houses in the city. Older style houses like this, with both corrugated tin and wood panelling on the outside are just lovely.



We also paid for the lift to the top of the church, which i think is well worth it. The views from the top are amazing, even if the church itself is difficult to get into frame!


The ceiling of the church. I am sure this has a special name. It escapes me. Is it the vault? img_5008

Very Icelandic in style, this church. Monochrome, with the smallest hint of colour. img_5013

The view of Old Town from the top of the church. img_5014

Wonky view.


One of my friends back home found it very difficult to believe that we wouldn’t even get to see the Aurora Borealis. We went in summer, so the sky never gets dark. I sent her this to make up for it.


Turfed roofs are common in Iceland but not super common in the city itself. This was one of the first one we saw. It’s the site of a new ish restaurant called Rok. We called in for a drink.


The decor inside was lovely, and the staff were super friendly. It was just our kind of place.


This is the view of the building across the street from where we spent a very happy couple of happy hours. No matter where i look I cannot find the place, but it’s easy to find if you are visiting. We were served free poured wine, delicious red wine, with great music and large windows with a perfect view of the street; people watching with wine, is there any greater past time.

The rest of our trip was far better documented than our few days in Reykjavik; we were so jet lagged and busy that we forgot to take photos or make notes of where we were and what we did. Plus we had two weeks of open roads and camping ahead of us, and we were itching to get going.

More to come…


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